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Quests are the foundation for player progression in Mighty Action Heroes. Each day brings a fresh set of challenges, and players who complete these quests will be granted experience points. Collecting experience points allows you to progress on your account level, collecting a variety of rewards and unlocking new game features along the way. Diverse quests offer a range of objectives, and the key to conquering them all lies in having a formidable collection of heroes, an array of perks and gadgets, and honing your skills to perfection.

Quests refresh daily, and players who complete enough quests during the week will also be rewarded with a weekly bounty.

Account Level

With each level attained, a world of rewards awaits the courageous and skillful. Embrace the rush of power as you unlock an array of bountiful treasures, including coveted Perks to bolster your heroes, new and mighty champions to join your cause, Supply Crates brimming with surprises, and precious Coins to fuel your conquests. The account level stands as a testament to your progress, and as you ascend higher and higher, the spoils of victory shall be yours for the taking.


Mighty Action Heroes will feature Seasons and Seasonal content. Each season will last approximately 2 months and unveil an exclusive set of seasonal quests, rewarding players who embark on these challenges.

Completing seasonal quests will net you valuable Season Pass progression, unlocking a plethora of rewards. The Season Pass will feature free and optional paid tracks.

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