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Our goal is to build a game that is enjoyable for both free-to-play players and players who decide to spend for enjoyment. We want to build a healthy ecosystem where all different player types, with different objectives can interact with one another and create a positive sum environment.

The overall asset ecosystem for Mighty Action Heroes includes both digital collectible (NFTs) and regular in-game rewards.

Players will be able to start for free, collect and earn rewards, and participate in the same gameplay and access the same modes as players who own collectible Heroes and equipment.

F2P (Free-to-play) PlayersPlayers With Digital Collectibles (NFTs)
  • Play ranked matches and climb the ranked leaderboards

  • All players start off with 2 free starter heroes, with more to be added in the future.

  • Collect and upgrade Perks to optimize your load-out

  • Access to Daily Quests

  • Earn a chance to obtain on-chain rewards by ranking highly at the end of a season

  • Highly-skilled players are invited to special tournaments that offer on-chain rewards

  • All other rewards that an off-chain player can obtain

  • Higher chance to obtain on-chain rewards by ranking highly at the end of a season

  • Access to more Daily Quests as collection grows

  • Access to Heroes with more Perk Slots

  • Send Heroes on Missions to earn on-chain crafting materials (passive gameplay)

The game is currently in early access and we some of these features and changes are under development.

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