MightyNet Genesis Pass

The MightyNet Genesis Pass Collection

The Mightynet Genesis Pass was launched in November 2022 as the first entry point into the MightyNet Ecosystem.

Collection Details

Supply: 1,337 Chain: Ethereum Mint Price: Free OpenSea Page: https://opensea.io/collection/mightynet-genesis-pass Treasure Page: https://app.treasure.lol/collection/mightynet-genesis-pass

Holder Benefits:

Early Access to All MightyNet Games

As a Genesis Pass holder, you’ll will be guaranteed early access to Mighty Action Heroes and all future games. You’ll also be among the first to check out new features and content, get sneak peaks, and get dibs on the first batch of digital collectibles when the games launch.

Linking Benefits - Collect Mighty Bits

As a Genesis Pass holder, you can link your pass via the Terminal to collect Mighty Bits. You'll be able to spend Mighty Bits in the Shop to unlock rewards like Supply Crates for Mighty Action Heroes. Be amongst the first to start collecting Mighty Bits and start earning MightyNet rewards!

Ecosystem Benefits

The Genesis Pass unlocks top-tier access to the MightyNet ecosystem. Holders will be able to access private Discord channels, get premium customer support and get automatically allowlisted for upcoming MightyNet collections and games. There will also be exclusive in-game benefits like cosmetics, with more benefits rolling out in the future.

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