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Perks: Customize for Carnage

Perks is an upcoming feature that allows you to customize the way you play and strategize. Perks are collectable rewards which empower your Hero with passive abilities and bonuses.

Fine-tune your Hero by carefully selecting and equipping an array of Perks, granting your Hero unique benefits and advantages that complement your play style. Perks allow you to shape your characters and play the way you want to play.

Types of Perks

There will be a vast variety of perks available for players to earn and collect. Unleash the speed demon with perks like Quick Reload, which shaves precious seconds off your reload time. Or embrace the art of up-close and personal combat with the Brawler Perk, magnifying your damage-dealing prowess when enemies venture into melee range. The possibilities are endless and your loadout determines your path to victory.

Equipping Perks

As you progress through the ranks and your heroes grow in prowess, you'll gain access to multiple perk slots. The number of slots available to each hero depends on their rarity, allowing legendary champions to wield an impressive array of Perks. Swap in and out different perks to adapt to different challenges.

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