Battle Royale

Mighty Action Heroes is a fast, frenetic action movie-inspired Battle Royale. At launch, you'll be able to take part in epic 20 player matches in our Battle Royale mode. Our goal is to eventually feature multiple team and solo objective game modes, as well as provide players with multiple progression paths in the game.

Lay the Smackdown With Hero Abilities

Make your enemies taste the bitter sting of a wall-cracking Flying Kick. Flatten any fool daring to stand in your way with an earth-shattering Charge Attack. Deploy the Dash ability to leave the speed of light in your dust and evade death itself with the coolness of a Dodge Roll.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Supercharge your heroes by conquering Daily Quests in a variety of spicy flavors. Whether you're dealing a colossal amount of damage, strapping up multiple weapons during intense matches, or taking down a horde of enemies with the helicopter, these quests are your ticket to greatness. Unlock a treasure trove of coveted rewards, including game-changing Perks.

Punch-Up Your Skills With Perks

When you’re not turning the city into Swiss cheese, take control of your destiny by customizing your hero and loadout for maximum carnage. Increase your armor rating with the mighty Ace Perk and become an unstoppable bullet sponge. Low on health? No problemo! Unleash the devastating Covert Perk and deal out even more damage. Need to turn up the chaos? Embrace your inner Technician and rain grenades upon your foes. Complete quests amidst the chaos of battle, gain XP and elevate your hero to new heights.

Go Guns Blazin’ With an Epic Arsenal

Your opposition is about to get a lead-filled makeover, courtesy of the Handcannon. Pump and dump enemies with the iconic automatic shotgun. No need to ask, you’ll be the ultimate Smooth AWP-erator with the show stopping power of the sniper rifle. Master every weapon to put enemies in the ground. Each one that bites the dust adds to your Kill Streak unlocking bonuses like the chopper. Is that the smell of victory? Yes sir.

Craft Gadgets To Dominate the Battlefield

From fiery dragon breath to technicolor rainbows there are a dozen types of grenades to blow away the competition. Crafting your spicy balls of destruction is more an art than science. You need the right P.A.R.T.S. and a dash of coolant to get the best odds. While success isn't guaranteed, even failed attempts yield valuable boomdust. And if you get really lucky you might craft a legendary grenade - blast-a la vista, baby!

Don’t Just Play, OWN Your Heroes and Gear

Owning characters and items makes them tradable, opening the floodgates to ridiculous rewards. Tradable heroes can slap on more perks, unleashing an epic level of mayhem. Craft deadly items to make your rivals wet their pants in fear. The more you compete on the battlefield, the more perks and rewards will rain down like riches. Visit the marketplace to trade these crafting resources, rare gadgets, and the most radical heroes you can imagine. By crafting and trading, you contribute to the player-owned economy that supercharges our on-chain universe.

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