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Simon Davis - Co-founder & CEO

Simon Davis is the co-founder and CEO of Mighty Bear Games, the leading mobile-first, multi-platform game developer in Southeast Asia. In his role, he oversees the studio’s day-to-day operations, business operations, product design and investor relations. An 18-year veteran of the gaming industry, Simon previously held management and product lead positions at the likes of King, Ubisoft, Bigpoint, AKQA, Empire Interactive, and Laughing Jackal, and is a one-time Develop Magazine “30 under 30” recipient (though today he’s sadly much too old to receive another). Follow him on Twitter!​​​

Fadzuli Said - Co-founder & CTO

Fadzuli Said is co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at Mighty Bear Games, where he takes a hands-on approach to managing the Engineering team and works on Mighty Bear’s portfolio of games to ensure they run flawlessly on every device. Fadzuli holds a Masters in Entertainment from Carnegie Mellon University along with an Entertainment Tech diploma from Nanyang Polytechnic. Prior to founding Mighty Bear with his friends and fellow industry vets, Simon Davis and Ben Chevalier, in 2017, he worked at the likes of King and Disney, and also taught for five years at Nanyang Polytechnic, to give back to his alma mater. Follow him on twitter!

Benjamin Chevalier - Co-founder and Head of Art

Benjamin Chevalier is co-founder and Art Director at Mighty Bear Games, the leading mobile-first, multi-platform game developer in Southeast Asia. In his role, he leads the growth and art teams, and is dedicated to team building and nurturing the Mighty Bear culture. A veteran of the gaming industry, Chevalier started at Ubisoft as an environmental artist right after graduating from high school. He then went on to lead art teams at the likes of Gameloft, LucasArts and King. Follow him on Twitter!

Assaf Cohen - COO

Assaf Cohen is COO at Mighty Bear Games (MBG), the player-first studio pioneering genre-defining decentralized games for everyone. Cohen brings extensive experience from international settings to the studio—ranging from cyber security and transforming business requirements, to digital and data solutions and scaling operations and resource strategies. Assaf is dedicated to optimising the in-house infrastructure, tools, and processes that the artists and engineers need to better succeed. His role at MBG is to ensure that there is no compromise in gaming quality and experience going into Web3. Assaf previously served as CEO and Head of Product at Anqlave and as COO of Custudio Technologies. Follow him on twitter!

Teri Tan - Head of Finance & Partnerships

Teri recently joined Mighty Bear Games as the Head of Finance & Partnerships after spending 5 years at Galaxy, a crypto merchant bank. At Galaxy, Teri was focused on strategic investments and M&A, and was also a founding team member of the investment banking team, focused specifically on NFTs, Web3 gaming, and the metaverse sub-industries. Prior to Galaxy, Teri was an investment banker at Barclays after graduating with a masters from NYU Stern School of Business. In their free time, you can find them playing DotA and FOMOing into NFTs at the top. Follow them on twitter!

Michael Arnold - Web3 Lead

Michael Arnold is the web3 lead at Mighty Bear Games. He is a studied economist-turned-engineer and has been been building NFT games since joining in early 2019. He was co-creator of MyCryptoHeroes, the #1 NFT game between 2018–2020, contributing to frontend development, NFT economy design and community growth. Michael has also redefined DAO gamification with Yield Guild Games, was a lead frontend dev for, and strategised a web3-inclusive future with G2 Esports. Follow him on Twitter!

Tom Smith - Game Lead

Tom has over a decade of game design experience in studios like Ubisoft and Bandai Namco. His career has taken him from the UK, to China, and now Singapore, where he was product lead on Disney Melee Mania. Tom currently leads game design for Mighty Action Heroes. A lifelong Nintendo fan, he is inspired daily by his own endeavours in Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and more! Follow him on twitter!

Abel Tan - Design Manager

An ex-competitive gamer, Abel Tan worked on design at Nonstop Games as well as a number of independent studios in Singapore before joining Mighty Bear Games as Product Manager. He currently works across game and web3 design for Mighty Action Heroes, and helps make sure the game feels amazing and is fun to play. Follow him on Twitter!

Mario Toon - Art

Mario Toon is a 3D artist for Mighty Action Heroes. An accomplished 3D specialist (and former tertiary-level educator) with multicultural experience in full-production of critically-successful games across multiple genres and platforms, he was born and bred in Singapore and spent 6 years in Seattle before moving back to the little red dot. Mario has worked at Z2 Games, King Singapore, and now, Mighty Bear. Follow him on twitter!

Olivia Ng - Production

Olivia Ng is Mighty Action Heroes’ mighty project manager. Previously from Ubisoft, her career has taken her from the frontlines of theme park guest services to LinkedIn’s corporate offices. In her spare time, Olivia moonlights as a Twitch streamer. Her favourite genres of games are rhythm games, puzzles, and RPGs.

Mary-Anne Lee - Product Marketing Manager

Mary-Anne has spent a decade in video games writing, marketing, esports-ing, and more. A former games journalist, she made the jump to publishing when Blizzard Entertainment came knocking. She’s been working since then to bring epic experiences to gamers all across the globe, and has now focused those energies on getting Mighty Action Heroes to the moon. Follow her on twitter!

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