Our Vision

We believe in games being fun. We also believe in them being better with friends. After all, why would you ask a friend to play a game that isn't fun?

Web3 is already here, but its games are not. Today’s web3 games feel like work, with players grinding away at boring, unrewarding gameplay in exchange for financial gain. We’ve created genre-defining experiences from scratch, and we know—it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s how we are reimagining web3 games in ways that are Novel, Fair, Thoughtful, and most importantly, fun.


Many of today’s web3 games have poor user experiences, and simply aren’t fun. They typically lack the imaginative gameplay and level of polish that gamers have come to expect from the decades of increasingly-intricate game development. In turn, this has diminished the perception of Web3 games among the wider gaming community. We believe in quality without compromise, and will develop games which will extend beyond today’s crypto-gaming audience by allowing players to feel truly rewarded for their gameplay mastery and expertise.

Lowest Possible Barrier to Entry

Existing web3 games can be hard to start if you are not familiar with cryptocurrency. The majority of these games require you to invest money upfront before being able to play, and there’s the effort of signing up for an exchange, transferring currencies in and out of wallets, and bridging tokens between networks. All of this is expensive, time-consuming, and scary for new players.

We intend to tear down these barriers to fun and make Mighty Action Heroes accessible by focusing on two key areas:

  1. Our games will be built for all players, not just Web3 natives or crypto experts. Both free-to-play and players with digital collectibles (NFTs) will be able to play and compete together in fair, skill-based matches.

    • All players will be able to start playing and competing for free with regular in-game heroes and equipment. All players will be able to play and compete in the same leaderboards, and share the same competitive experience and features regardless of purchase.

    • Players who own certain digital collectibles (e.g. Rare Heroes) will be able to maximise their rewards, earn more crafting materials, and get access to higher difficulty missions.

  2. Create an equitable and simple entry point for players by supporting direct on-ramps where possible. Players should be able to create an account and start playing in minutes, not hours. We will work to minimise payment and wallet friction to ensure Mighty Action Heroes can be accessed by the broadest possible audience.


As far as possible, we want to create a fair, level playing field for all players. However we believe that those who invest time and energy to master the game and contribute to the community should be fairly rewarded for their efforts.

Design for Growth

We want to reward true fans, those who believe in the long-term vision of Mighty Action Heroes, and build the game with them. We will incentivise early adopters, while still embracing new players, and embrace guilds and content creators. We want Mighty Action Heroes to be streamed and promoted, but in return, we’ll make sure it looks great, and we’ll listen to your feedback, too.

Long-term, we are planning on including features that support players who hold NFTs from other collections or games. We intend to collaborate with other games and brands, and work with key influencers in the space to grow the community, all to ensure the longevity and continuing engagement of Mighty Action Heroes.


Current web2 and web3 games face challenges in how they align the developer’s economic incentives with those of the wider community. We’re going to surmount this challenge by aligning Mighty Bear’s outcomes with those of the wider community; this will allow us to create a healthier and more sustainable game economy.

Do No Harm

We believe that virtual worlds shouldn’t do real world harm. Here’s how we will act on that belief:

  1. We will focus on blockchains and technologies which have a lower environmental impact, to reduce the amount of strain on the global environment.

  2. We will ensure Mighty Action Heroes will be a safe and inclusive space for everyone. This is a value we formed with the inception of our very first game, and will be one we continue to uphold.

  3. We will pledge to keep Mighty Action Heroes non-toxic by design. We’ve been able to take traditionally hardcore genres like battle royale and MOBAs and develop games that are both accessible and non-violent while retaining the same elements that make them fun and engaging for so many people.

At Mighty Bear, it is important we create worlds that are diverse, inclusive, and appropriate. We have a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and toxicity and we will continue to enforce that in Web3. We believe that we are all #BetterTogether, for web2, web3, and beyond!

Community First

Our #1 priority has always been that our players are having fun, and that will be the same for Mighty Action Heroes. We want the game to be fun even when you lose, and we want everyone to feel ownership of it. To do so, we’ll be involving the community where possible in the game's development.

Mighty Action Heroes’ economy will be designed and optimised for accessibility and community wealth, with a fair token cap table and a long-term strategy built around community ownership instead of short-term studio gains. We will also include extensive tools and support for Guilds and Scholars, including API access for certain game systems and features, and support community led events where relevant.

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