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Mighty Action Heroes is being developed by Mighty Bear Games, Southeast Asia’s leading multi-platform game development studio. Our world-class team has decades of experiences working with some the biggest names in the business, resulting in a stellar track record of shipping on-time and to a AAA standard.

Since 2018, we’ve shipped 5 games including:

Disney Melee Mania

Built in under a year and featuring IPs spanning the Disney and Pixar universes, Disney Melee Mania is the world’s first Disney & Pixar MOBA game.

Butter Royale

Apple Arcade’s first ever Battle Royale and one of the top games ever released on the service. The game was built in 6 months and has a 4.8/5 rating on the App Store.

Best Friends Cafe

A cozy merge game centred around co-op social features and doing what’s good for the world.

All our releases have been powered by an in-house LiveOps platform called Massive, which gives us an edge over other studios by giving us full control over costs, player privacy, and security.

Our studio has developed a reputation for speed and excellence. That comes as no surprise as you learn more about our founding team—which comprises a diverse group of industry veterans who bring over 70+ years of AAA industry experience to the table—and a team of over 50+ staff across 9 countries. At Mighty Bear, we’re Mighty!

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