Mighty Action Heroes features an extensive crafting feature that forms the foundation of a vibrant Player-owned economy. Powered by the blockchain, MAH allows you to craft exclusive gadgets such as grenades that offer an edge over your opponents.

With crafting, you're not just a player, but an innovator. Instead of sticking to the default loadout, you can customize your arsenal to match your unique playstyle.

By using Blueprints and P.A.R.T.S. (Pretty Awesome Repair Type Stuff), you can create exclusive Gadgets and equipment that offer tailored abilities, superior performance, and an element of surprise that gives you an edge over opponents.

For a more detailed breakdown and guide on how crafting works - visit our F.A.Q. page on crafting here: Crafting - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Craft Items?

In order to craft items, you’ll first need to obtain Blueprints and the required P.A.R.T.S. from opening Supply Crates. You can open supply crates, view all your obtained Blueprints and P.A.R.T.S. from the inventory menu within the game.

Blueprints are recipes and schematics which have specific requirements and various outcomes. Blueprints come in different varieties and rarities, and higher rarity Blueprints offer the rarest rewards!

What Can I Craft?

In the Open Beta, you can only craft Grenades, which are a type of Gadget. Grenades can dramatically alter your combat strategy and change your perspective of the battlefield, offering you a longer range for attacking your foes.

What Are the Different Materials Required for Crafting?

These detailed schematics hold great potential, paving your path to power.

Blueprints are recipes or schematics used for crafting. Blueprints are usually one time use, and are consumed as part of the crafting process. Blueprints also come with different material requirements and success rates. Blueprints come in different rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) and offer better outcomes at higher rarities.

Through skilled craftsmanship, these explosive remnants can be crafted into new shells for grenades.

Grenade Fragments are used to craft Grenade Shells, which is a fundamental ingredient for each Grenade. You can convert Grenade Fragments into Shells using the special Grenade Fragment blueprint, which is a unique blueprint that isn’t consumed upon crafting.

Empty grenade casings ready to be filled with boomdust and unleashed on the battlefield.

A key ingredient required for crafting Grenades. You can convert Grenade Fragments into Shells using the special Grenade Fragment blueprint, which is a unique blueprint that isn’t consumed upon crafting.

Arcane powders infused with ancient energies, capable of unleashing devastation.

Boomdust is another key ingredient thats used in Grenade Crafting. Boomdust come in various rarities (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). Depending on the type of Blueprint, you’ll need different varieties of Boomdust, sometimes even multiple types of Boomdust in a single recipe.

There is also a special type of Boomdust called Burnt Boomdust, which is a by-product of a failed craft. You can only obtain these after an unsuccessful craft.

Some unique recipes require Burnt Boomdust in order to craft! Keep an eye out for these super rare recipes!

A cooling substance that boosts crafting success for grenade blueprints.

Coolant is a special, optional ingredient that is used to improve the chances of a successful craft. Coolant comes in multiple rarities and can only be used in combination with the Blueprint of the same rarity. Each Coolant increases the chance of a successful craft by 5%.

You can only increase the success rate of any recipe to a maximum of 95%.

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