Mighty Bits

The Terminal is where you can link your MightyNet NFTs (e.g. Genesis Pass or Big Bear Syndicate) in exchange for Mighty Bits (MBITs).

What Are Mighty Bits?

Mighty BITs (MBITs) are points that you receive from linking your NFTs. You can spend MBITs on rewards such as Supply Crates for Mighty Action Heroes. In the future, we'll introduce more rewards which you will be able to spend your MBITs on.

What Is Linking?

Linking your NFTs in the Terminal will allow you to start accruing MBITs. There are 2 MightyNet NFTs right now—the Big Bear Syndicate & the MightyNet Genesis Pass collections—and both can be linked.

MightyNet Genesis Passes have a 4x multiplier over Big Bear Syndicate bears, but the bears have a larger supply and are easier to obtain. A linked NFT can be locked up for pre-determined periods of time. The longer you link an NFT, the higher the boost multiplier will be.

  • 1 month - 25% boost

  • 3 months - 80% boost

  • 6 months - 180% boost

  • 12 months - 400% boost

Linked NFTs are locked for the period of time selected. They will still remain in your wallet for verification purposes but you won't be able to transfer them to another wallet or sell them on marketplaces.

Link Power determines the amount of Mighty BITs you will obtain every block while your NFTs are being linked. The higher your Link Power, the more Mighty BITs you will receive.

Global Link Power is the global combined Link Power of all linked NFTs. When you link your NFTs, you get a relative Link Power, which is the Link Power of all your linked NFTs vs all linked NFTs globally. This relative Link Power determines how many Mighty BITs you will obtain every block.

Everyone receives Mighty BITs from the global daily Mighty BITs rewards pool. However, some NFT collections have a higher collection multiplier than others. This collection multiplier affects the base Link Power. For example: Big Bear Syndicate has a collection multiplier of 1 whereas MightyNet Genesis Pass has a collection multiplier of 4. This means, linking 1 Genesis Pass gives as many Mighty BITs as linking 4 Bears.

Other Ways To Earn Mighty Bits

Aside from linking, there are also other ways to earn Mighty Bits, with more ways to be announced in the future. This includes:

  • Placing high on the Leaderboards during our tournaments and competitions

  • Engaging in official community events

  • Taking part in partner events

  • More TBA!

You are only able to link MightyNet NFTs like the Genesis Pass or Big Bear Syndicate NFTs to earn MBITs. In-game digital collectibles from Mighty Action Heroes cannot be linked.

Using Mighty Bits

You can now use MBITs to purchase Supply Crates and other types of rewards from the Shop. These Supply Crates are tradable NFTs on Arbitrum that can be opened in-game to reveal rewards like P.A.R.T.s and more.

More ways to spend and use MBITs are being developed. We’ll share more details on this when they are ready!

Rewards from the Shop, including Supply Crates, are located on the Arbitrum One chain. Therefore, you'll have to change networks to access the Shop. Any rewards bought with MBITs will be directly delivered to the game and can be utilized right away. To trade these rewards with other players, you'll need to transfer them to your wallet.

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