Big Bear Syndicate

Hot off the MightyNet Genesis Pass is our next NFT collection, the Big Bear Syndicate. These big bears love food, sleep, and certain types of pizza, and will stop at nothing to get their paws on neat supplies for the Mighty Action Heroes!

The Big Bear Syndicate Collection

The Big Bear Syndicate is the MightyNet’s Gen 1 PFP collection. Being part of the Big Bear Syndicate by holding a PFP (or several!) will set you up for success in Mighty Action Heroes.

Collection Details

Supply: 5,000 Mint Price: 0.01337 ETH Chain: Ethereum OpenSea Page: Treasure Page:

Holder Benefits

  • Use them as a PFP or as your in-game avatar!

  • Immediate access to a collection-specific, holders-only section of the Mighty Action Heroes Discord

  • Link your Bears at the MightyNet Terminal and collect Mighty Bits

  • Exclusive in-game content

  • Be part of a kickass pioneering community of passionate players

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