More Gadget categories are in development and coming soon!

Gadgets are collectibles that grant your Hero more tactical options on the battlefield. Each character comes with a gadget slot, and equipping a gadget grants you a unique active ability that you can use during a match.

Among the first gadgets to grace the game are the highly sought-after grenades, delivering explosive fun and myriad strategic possibilities.

Grenades: Explosive Versatility

Grenades bring a whole new dimension to the battlefield, differing from perks in the sense that they can be activated and used during the game, much like a Hero ability. When equipped, you gain the ability to deploy grenades strategically, granting you the power to dictate the tempo of battle with a well-timed explosion. Grenades deal damage to all enemies around you when they explode, and can be used as a zoning tool. In the future, we may introduce different types of grenades that have different gameplay effects when they explode, like cluster bombs or leaving poisonous zones in their wake.

Future Types of Gadgets

We're developing more types of Gadgets after grenades, inspired by action movies of the 80's and 90's. Imagine the tactical advantage of traps and sentries, an invisibility cloak or even a radar that allows you to pinpoint your enemies. With each new category of Gadgets, you will be able to explore a new approach to combat.

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