Supply Crates

Supply crates offer various rewards depending on the type, rarity and cost of the Supply Crate. By examining the details of each supply crate, you can discover the potential items you could receive from each one.

What Does a Supply Crate Contain?

Supply Crates can include crafting materials called P.A.R.T.S., Blueprints, and Coolant, which is also used as part of Crafting. In the future. Supply Crates can also contain all sorts of rewards for Mighty Action Heroes.

At the moment, Supply Crates can contain the following items:

  • Grenade Fragments (Used to Craft Grenade Shells)

  • Boomdust (Up to 4 Rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary)

  • Blueprints (12 Blueprints in total across 4 Rarities: Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Blueprints have different outcomes and don’t always craft the same grenade.

  • Coolant (Up to 4 Rarities, used to increase the chances of crafting success)

I Just Bought a Supply Crate, How Do I Access It?

When you purchase a Supply Crate, it gets automatically added into your inventory in Mighty Action Heroes. You can then choose to open the Supply Crate from within Mighty Action Heroes to obtain the rewards within the Crate, or export the Supply Crate to your wallet to trade with other players.

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